Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic is a system where powder polymer liquid monomer are mixed together to form a malleable bead.

This mixture is applied to the nail with a brush and begins to cure immediately and continuing until it is completely solid. 

The system works by the two components bonding and the heat from the finger speeds up the curing time.

Monomer is made of:
Ethyl methacrylate which is a catalyst that aids in speeding up the initiator in the powder.

Inhibitors that refrain the monomer from hardening before it is mixed with the powder.
UV absorbents which help in preventing the nails from yellowing.
Wetting agents to help improve adhesion.

Polymers are made of:
UV absorbents to help prevent the nail from yellowing.
Colorants which give the powder a pinkish color.
Titanium dioxide which gives the nails a white pigment.

The proper powder to liquid ratio need to be applied correctly or you can be left with lumpy, thick, uneven or crooked nails.

Treatment times

It is important to not rush your treatment as this will have consequences on the treatment results.

A new set of acrylics can take around 75-90mins

Infills on acrylic 60 minutes

Soak off 30 minutes


 Maintenance appointments are recommended every 2 – 4 weeks this will vary from client to client it will depend on

your clients nail growth, career and lifestyle.