Lesson Attachments

A contra- indication is when something medical, contagious or non-contagious prevents your clients from receiving treatment. The best way to talk about these with a client is by getting them to fill in a consultation card. Some contra-indications will prevent you from doing the treatment as others you would approach with caution. If a client has written permission from a GP to have the treatment then you are ok to go ahead.

ConditionPrevent treatmentRestricts treatmentCause and appearance
Conjunctivitis YESInfectious bacterial eye infection – Redness, swelling and watery.
Scabies YESContagious infestation on the skin caused by parasites. Red pimple like bumps – may be accompanied by burrows.
Stye YESInfectious bacterial eye infection – small lump on the inner eyelid containing pus.
DiabetesYESClient is more prone to bruising. 
Allergic skin conditionsYESCould make the condition worse – redness and blotching sometimes noticeable on the skin.
Low blood pressureYESCould experience dizziness.
Acne/ Accutane YESSkin is irritated and could be painful so avoid treatment. Treatment can go ahead after treatment or with GP note.
ConditionPrevent treatmentRestricts treatmentCause and appearance
Dermatitis/eczemaYESCan vary from mild – severe. Red fluid filled blotches. Avoid the area during treatment.
MolesYESSkin growth attached to the skin. Avoid area during treatment.
Cancer/ ChemotherapyYESAbnormal skin cells that form cancer. Prevents treatment.
PregnancyYESAvoid treatment in first 12 weeks and 37 weeks onwards. Client must be up right and not lying flat.
Sunburn/ chemical peel/ tattoo YESSkin will be damaged and will need time to heal. Treatment can go ahead after 4 weeks or with a GP note.
Oral blood thinnersYESClient will bleed more easily avoid treatment without note from GP.
WartYESSkin growth on the skin. Avoid area during treatment.