Health and Safety

Lesson Attachments

As a beauty therapist we have laws we must follow in order to keep ourselves, employees and clients safe at all times.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 – Is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that as of 2011 defines the fundamental structure and authority for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare within the United Kingdom. We are responsible for promoting a safe and hygienic working environment at all times.

Complying with Local Licensing Authorities – Contact your local government to ensure you have the licenses required.

Insurance requirements

  – The Employers Liability Insurance Act 1969

  – Public Liability Insurance

Hazards and Risks – Identify and prevent hazards in the work places these could include faulty electric equipment, trailing wires, blocked fire exit, uneven floor surface, chemicals and cleaning products.

Waste Disposal – Waste should be removed correctly.

  – General waste includes tissues, cotton wool and bed roll.

  – Specialist waste includes scalpels and blades should be disposed into a yellow sharps box.

  – Contaminated waste includes blood and bodily fluids should be disposed into yellow bin liner.

PPE – PPE should be available to all employers and employees and disposable gloves should be worn and disposed off after each client to avoid cross contamination.

COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health legislation means we are responsible for carrying out risk assessments, ensure adequate ventilation. Products must have appropriate labelling and all staff must have the correct and up to date training.