In The Salon

Lesson Attachments

In salon we have to put security measures and procedures in place to ensure the environment we work in is safe this would fall under a salon code of conduct which all staff should follow these would include understanding and following the Data Protection Act, maintaining a professional persona, good personal hygiene, communicate well within salon environment and have a positive body language.

•Client record cards must be stored correctly and follow Data Protection Act to ensure the clients details are secure, for legal reasons, to ensure only authorised people can view them and to keep the clients details private.

•All staff are responsible for maintaining a clean, safe and hygienic work environment at all times. All equipment must be correctly sterilized and  PPE must be worn to prevent cross-contamination.

•Sanitising and Sterilizing equipment – Sanitising and sterilization eliminate and destroys all living micro-organisms and prepares your tools ready for treatments there are different methods available and some are better suited to others.

-Antibacterial scrubs, disinfectant can come in soaps, sprays and wipes, chemical solutions such as barbicide, surgical spirts for trolleys and work benches.