Step by Step Guide

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Lifting Procedure Client Preparation:

Follow basic sanitation procedure.

Fill out Client Record card and discuss rod sizes.

Have client remove contact lenses.

Place client in a partially reclining position in the facial chair.

Drape clean towel across client’s chest to protect clothes.

Remove all eye makeup thoroughly with a non-oily makeup remover, and dry area.

Observe the thickness and length of the eyelashes and select suitable eyelash shields. Small shield gives a dramatic lift, Medium gives a natural lift and Large gives a softer lift.

Have client gently close eyes and apply selected shield close to lash line on upper eyelid. Make sure the shield fits well on both corners of the eyelids.

Take a mascara wand and lay lashes into the shield one by one separating lashes in an orderly position so every eyelash is even and secure on the curler.
Apply a small amount of the 1st application onto a Cotton bud and evenly apply onto your eyelash curlers. Cover with cling film and towel and SET
TIMER. This is the lifting agent to make the eyelashes lift naturally and beautifully. Leave up to 10 mins depending on clients natural eyelashes. Please note solutions vary in colour and setting times so please read the instructions provided as these will change depending on brands.
Apply small amount of the second solution onto a micropore brush or cotton bud and evenly apply over the lashes. The setting solution is the fixative to hold the lift in the eyelashes. Remove second solution and prepare tint solution by mixing the tint with oxidant, using a brush apply tint solution and leave for 3 – 5 minutes depending on brand.

Remove the tint with a tint remover with a cotton bud and start releasing the lashes from the plastic shield. Cleanse the eye lid thoroughly and brush the lashes to finish.