Understanding Hair

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Hair Types

Lanugo – This hair is very thin, soft and usually unpigmented. Mostly found on new born babies.

Vellus – This hair is  found on the face and more noticeable on the cheek area but can also be found all over the body. It is thin in and soft in texture and tends to grow in a downward position.

Terminal –  This hair is thicker in texture, pigmented, coarse in texture and will also have a root. Terminal hairs include eyelashes,  eyebrows, scalp, under arms, pubic area and chest hair on male.

Hair Growth – is made up of different phases these are Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. When applying individual eyelashes, they are placed on natural eyelashes that are at the Catagen and Telogen phase never apply eyelashes that are in Anagen phase as they are still to delicate and are not strong enough to hold the extension which would result in damaging the eyelash.

Anagen – Active phase – 30 – 45 days

Catagen – Changing phase – 14 – 21 days

Telogen Resting phase –   40 – 80 days

The Hair shaft – This part of the hair extends above the skin surface but also runs through the centre of the hair. The hair shaft is composed of dead, keratinized cells which have been pushed away from the hair bulb.

The Root – The root is the portion that lies underneath the skin and inside the follicle.

The Bulb – Is the large base at the bottom of the root and this encases the Dermal Papilla. The matrix is the lower region of the bulb where the cells divide rapidly to produce the new hair structure.